Erik ten Hag praises his team: ‘A very big performance’

Erik ten Hag was as proud as a peacock after Ajax-Lille (2-1). โ€œIt is a great achievement for Ajax to win twice the number one in France. That is excellent.โ€

The Ajax trainer agreed that it was difficult to defend for rest. โ€œNicolas Tagliafico is defensively a very important link. But Lille had also read us well and a solution to that, while we did not immediately have the counter-solution. It took me to calm down that I could tell them how the defensive organization was supposed to stand. After that, it was a lot more stable.โ€

Ten Hag further pointed out the fighting spirit. โ€œAjax can also compete without Tagliafico. You cant always play good football. If you dont, you have to win another way. The team understands that better and better.โ€

Then spirit is necessary

Also Davy Klaassen praised the team spirit of the Amsterdammers. โ€œAgainst a strong opponent โ€” and that was Lille โ€” you cant just tap and spirit is needed. We have already shown them in the last few weeks and we must hold on to it.โ€

The routinier (28) had to do with the Ajax fans at home for the tube. โ€œI can imagine that after the 1-1 they thought pfoe. We realised that we had to go full and we could not slacken a moment, because that could cause an extension. If were going to shiver too, its not a good sign.โ€

According to Klaassen, Ajax-Lille had almost everything from a real Europe Cup squatter. โ€œIn terms of competition, I think it was a lot of fun to watch. But without fans, its not a real European evening,โ€ says the creator of the opening goal. โ€œWe went for the fast 1-0, because we knew Lille was coming and we wanted to take away hope. In the end the hope wasnt gone yet, but it was nice to have a buffer.โ€

According to Klaassen, that the French were the parent party had two reasons. โ€œThey came forward more than last week. And when we won the ball, we lost it right away, putting them in their strength โ€” the counter. They were better than in the outgoing race, we were a lot less.โ€