Ernst Kuipers: the pricking should accelerate

Now that the Cabinet has decided to allow putting the second coronaprik after six weeks instead of three, the vaccination campaign should accelerate. Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care, pleads for Jinek.

The vaccination strategy now takes into account the withholding of vaccines for the second prick needed to be protected against the coronavirus, explains Kuipers. The pricks are also spread over a period so that they are in line with new deliveries of the vaccines. But that needs to change as far as hes concerned.

โ€œ It is a bit the situation of emergency breaks lawโ€, says Kuipers. โ€œYou need to prick now.โ€ According to him, there are currently 400,000 vaccines in the Netherlands ready to be used and some 125,000 people can be vaccinated per week.

He says that the GDs, who are responsible for the most part for the vaccination, may receive assistance from the hospitals. Kuipers calls the risk that people run by postponing the second prick โ€œall but relative.โ€