Erwin Koeman does not come to Barcelona: ‘Wants to stand on their own feet, so fine so’

Erwin Koeman was never in the picture to join FC Barcelona as assistant to brother Ronald. At that time the Groninger was recovering from an operation, but also if that had not been the case he would have thanked.

The Koeman brothers successfully collaborated with Southampton and Everton, but after that Erwin had other plans. โ€œWe had a conversation then and I told Ronald I want to go my own way,โ€ he says in Good Morning Orange at FOX Sports. โ€œI had a great time there, but now I want to show my independence again. After three and a half years there I wanted to stand on my own feet again.โ€
When Ronald was appointed to Barcelona this summer, there was no question of Erwin going with him. In June of this year, he underwent heart surgery. โ€œAt the moment, Im fine with it. I wouldnt have come to Barcelona if I wasnt rehab at that time.โ€

Erwin Koeman was still recovering from heart surgery when brother Ronald was appointed to FC Barcelona, but indicates that he was not open to an assistant in any case. โ€œI want to go my own wayMore see?รขยฌโ€ก รฏยธรข
โ€” FOX Sports (@FOXSportsnl) November 15, 2020