Especially catering companies receive NOW support in third round

In the third period of the so-called NOW scheme, mainly companies active in the hospitality industry were granted an application for aid, for example, Wednesday emerges from the fact sheet of the UWV benefit institution.

The UWV has granted a total of 77,000 applications to employers employing 1.3 million people. The largest share in the number of awards went to the catering industry with just over 20.00 companies and the catering was good for over 18,000 companies. In this sector, advances were also the highest.

Emergency in retail

also the need for retail trade is high due to the sharpening of the lockdowns. Just over 10,000 companies were eligible for the NOW aid in the third round.

The number of applications rejected by the UWV was limited. Just under 4000 companies got zero at the most because they did not meet the conditions.

The scheme was set up last year to provide financial support to companies that had to shut down partially or completely because of the lockdowns. Entrepreneurs who expect a loss of turnover of 20% or more will be reimbursed up to 80% of their wage costs.