Eternum EX authors release first chapter of Lambs on the Road horror

Independent studio Flynn‘s Arcade, known for the retro platformer Eternum EX, released the first chapter of Lambs on the Road’s post-apocalyptic horror series on Steam. It is inspired by the novel โ€œThe Roadโ€ by Cormac McCarthy, which chronicles a father-son journey through the cataclysmic of the United States. In Lambs on the Road, our hero is a father who is wanted her daughter in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

In this sidescrolling platformer, a lot of hazards and small puzzles awaits him. The world of the game is stark, and to survive, the hero will have to hide from hungry and desperate people, escape, fight and even kill.

And he is discouraged from turning back. The story is promised not long but touching, filled with horror and despair.

Lambs on the Road: The Beginning gets positive feedback so far. You can buy it for as little as 82 rubles.

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