Ethiopian Prime Minister Gets Second Term, Biggest Challenge Is Stopping War

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia has been sworn in for a second five-year term. His Prosperity Party won the parliamentary elections by a large majority in July and already secured his new term.

The opposition criticized the course of the elections, but according to independent observers, they went better than previous editions.

The biggest challenge for Abiy is stopping the civil war in his country, which has been raging for almost a year. It began as a conflict between those in power in Tigray and the national government, but in the meantime the war has expanded to other parts of Ethiopia.

Hundreds of thousands are hungry

According to the UN, there is an โ€œunprecedentedโ€ famine in Tigray: hundreds of thousands of people lack food. The UN thinks Ethiopia is deliberately blocking access to Tigray and uses food as a weapon, but the government denies that.

Prime Minister Abiy says the Tigray issue is an internal matter and abroad should not interfere with it. Thats why he recently expelled seven UN humanitarian staff.

Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 as he sought rapprochement with neighbouring Eritrea and committed to peace in the region. But the Prime Minister is becoming more and more isolated. At his sworn in today, the leaders of only four African countries were present.