EU agree on first sanctions against China since 1989

The European Union is punishing four Chinese officials and one body or company for violating Uyghurs human rights. They are the first new European sanctions for China since 1989.

EU countries agreed on penalties on Wednesday, confirming EU sources following reports from the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. Although the foreign ministers still have to officially give their blessing on Monday. The four Chinese who have been punished will no longer be allowed to travel to EU countries and will no longer be able to obtain any funds in the EU. Who is concerned is still kept secret so that they can not, for example, quickly lock back their money.

The EU reinstates the human rights sanctions that it has recently been able to use against human rights violators worldwide. In addition to Chinese people, according to the insiders, this time the EU is also punishing individuals from Russia, Libya, South Sudan and North Korea. A total of seven more people and three organisations or companies would be involved.


Chinas action against the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang is increasingly worrying. Uyghurs are trapped in camps, tortured and sterilized and forced labour, say human rights activists and experts from, among others, the United Nations. Some European governments and the United States have now described this as genocide. The House of Representatives did so two weeks ago.

China, after the USs main trading partner, warned Brussels earlier this week to take sanctions high. โ€œWe ask the EU to change its mind. If some insist on confrontation, we will not shy back.โ€

Russia was already targeted earlier this month when the EU first acted on human rights sanctions. Four Russians were punished who held the EU responsible for imprisoning and condemning Kremlincriticus Aleksei Navalni.