EU and UK close to deal on fisheries

( ANP/BLOOMBERG) The negotiators of the European Union and the United Kingdom are close to agreement on fisheries, one of the three main points of contention in their difficult negotiations on a trade agreement for months.

Above all, it is the disagreement over the rules of fair competition between British and European companies that still stands in the way of an agreement, sources in both camps say.

London and Brussels think very differently about whether European fishermen are allowed to fish in British waters after 1 January and how much they can catch there, but would now ‘slowly approach a landing zone’, says a source on the EU side. ‘This is not the main stumbling block. ‘

The negotiators, who, following the intervention of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Ursula von der Leyen on Sunday evening, have been struggling with the so-called ‘fair playfield. They do not agree on whether the EU is allowed to take countermeasures if the British are about to relax the rules for companies or grant state aid.