EU bobo declared hundreds of candy trips

A former member of the European Court of Auditors has been committed to self-enrichment, buzzing and conflict of interest. The Belgian Karel Pinxten must return two thirds of his pension from the European Court of Justice.

Since 2006,

the former Liberal Minister had to keep an eye on whether EU money was going well since 2006, but took care of himself in particular. For example, he declared hundreds of hunting trips and other candy trips as mission to his employer and drove for the service car on and out of pass.

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meantime, he continued to do business and political business, while the independent supervisor who is the court of auditors is not allowed. The EU foreign service boss, whom he had to check, tried to wear out an apartment. He also lifted the insurance, according to the court of auditors.

When the misconduct of 69-year-old Pinxten came to light, his generously paid appointment was no longer extended after twelve years. The court then decided to reclaim its accrued pension, but Pinxten opposed it before the European court.


Die has now ruled to his disadvantage, even though the court does not take over the charge of insurance fraud, among other things. However, there is still enough left to conclude that Pinxten has clearly โ€œacted contrary to the obligations arising from its task in the Court of Auditors.โ€