EU condemns cyberattack on Ukraine and offers help

The European Union has sharply condemned the cyberattack on government websites in Ukraine. EU foreign chief Josep Borrell calls the hacking attack unacceptable.

Several government websites were flat today due to a digital attack. In total, more than seventy websites have been attacked, Ukrainian authorities say. A large number of them are now back in the air.

Among the websites affected were those of the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs. These are now on call again, but for a long time there was a warning on the site in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish: โ€œBe afraid and fear the worst.โ€


Such actions aim to destabilize Ukraine and disseminate disinformation, said Borrell. โ€œIt can contribute to further escalation of a situation that is already very tense.โ€

The foreign chief assured Ukraine that EU Member States are ready to provide technical assistance to repair the damage from the attack and reject attacks in the future.

The Ukrainian security service says it has indications that hacker groups with close ties to the Russian secret service are behind the attack.

The EU and the US do not want to draw hard conclusions yet, but are offering help in detecting the perpetrators. Russia has not responded to the Ukrainian accusations.