EU Millions for North Holland Drinking Water Company

) The European Investment Bank (EIB) lends โ‚ฌ100 million to the North Holland drinking water company Puur Water & Natuur (PWN). This allows PWN to take measures to adapt the drinking water company to climate change and to respond to the growing population of the province of North Holland. The loan runs for 20 years.

The money from the European credit institution is used to improve the protection of fresh water resources and the management of natural areas. Treatment plants are also made climate-resistant and are invested in water storage, reservoirs and pumping stations. PWN will also use the money to build more pipes that are more resistant to drought and heat.

Drought and heat

PWN provides the drinking water in most of the province of Noord-Holland. The frequent and longer periods of drought and heat have, according to the EIB, โ€œan increasing impact on drinking water production and distributionโ€. The population in the province is also growing and therefore the demand for drinking water gives EIB the reason for the loan.

PWN supplies 110 billion litres of drinking water every year to over 800,000 households, companies and institutions in North Holland. PWN manages over 7300 hectares of nature reserves between Zandvoort and Bergen, such as the Kennemerduinen and the Noordhollands Dune Reserve. The drinking water company wants to produce CO2 neutral drinking water by 2050.

Heat networks

The EIB, an institution of the European Union, supports businesses throughout Europe. Last year, the organisation made available nearly โ‚ฌ2.5 billion for projects in the Netherlands, healthcare, SMEs and energy saving projects. The EIB also announced on Friday that a โ‚ฌ50 million loan will be granted to sustainable energy and waste company HVC Groep. This money is intended to extend HVCs heating networks in the regions of Alkmaar and Dordrecht and to heat greenhouses in the Westland in a green way.