EU ministers meet Tuesday on crisis Gaza Strip

Foreign Ministers of EU countries meet on Tuesday on violence in Gaza. European foreign chief Josep Borrell says he asked for the digital meeting because of the โ€œunacceptable number of civilian casualties.โ€

Ministers will discuss how best the EU can contribute to ending the continuing violence. International efforts to mediate seem to have yielded nothing so far. The UN Security Council will meet again later on Sunday to discuss the situation.

The Israeli armed forces say that militant Palestinians have fired some 2900 missiles at Israel in a matter of days. That responded with hundreds of air strikes to targets in the Palestinian enclave on the coast.

The authorities in the Gaza Strip say that 174 have already been killed and 1200 people have been injured. Israel accuses the Hamas movement of deliberately placing military targets in densely populated areas. In Israel, at least ten deaths and hundreds of wounded by the ongoing missile shootings have been reported.

The United Nations says that some 10,000 inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have fled their homes near the border because they fear an Israeli ground offensive. โ€œThey hide in schools, mosques and other places during the coronapandemic,โ€ said a UN official who warned that refugees have limited access to food, water and medical services.