EU pledge โ‚ฌ1 billion for emergency aid to Afghan people and neighbouring countries

The European Commission has allocated EUR 1 billion for emergency aid to the people of Afghanistan. Previously, the President of the European Commission Von der Leyen already pledged a โ‚ฌ300 million aid package. She added hundreds of millions more at a G20 meeting today.

The G20, a group of nineteen major industrialized countries and the European Union, met online today about the situation in Afghanistan. Since the Talibans hold of power in August, a humanitarian crisis has been threatening in the country. For example, the UN warns of a famine and Afghan health care is about to collapse.

Money to Aid Organizations

The G20 consultations first discussed whether support can be granted to Afghanistan without the international community recognising the Taliban Government. For this reason, the European Commission wants EU money to reach the population through aid agencies in Afghanistan and not the Taliban.

โ€œThe Afghan population should not pay for Talibans actions,โ€ Von der Leyen said. โ€œThis is why this support package is for the Afghan people and neighbouring countries who can help them first.โ€ For example, the money can coordinate the flow of migration from Afghanistan.

Regular European development aid to Afghanistan country remains frozen for the time being. To that end, the EU decided when the Taliban took over power in the country.

Contact Taliban

At the G20 meeting, both Turkish President Erdogan and Italian Prime Minister Draghi said that contact between the international community and the Taliban is necessary to help people in the country. โ€œIts hard to determine how people in Afghanistan can be helped without involving the Taliban,โ€ Draghi said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also been in favour of talks with the Taliban for a long time. โ€œRecognition of the regime is not on the agenda,โ€ she said at the international summit. โ€œBut conversations are needed.โ€