‘EU should invest in border fences against illegal migration’

The European Union must invest in building fences at the external borders. According to a large group of Member States, this is necessary in the fight against illegal migration.

The current border surveillance does not help, and that is why preventive measures are needed, so twelve Member States write in a letter to Euro Commissioner for Migration Ylva Johansson.

The countries believe that the EU should put money on the table for the construction of new border fences. They also call for clearer rules and conditions on measures that Member States can take once artificially created migratory flows occur.


able to act quickly and proportionately

โ€œThis should enable Member States to act quickly and proportionately against the threat and to defend their national security and the security of the whole EUโ€, as can be read in the letter.

Belarusian dictator Lukashenko has been chasing migrants across the border from neighbouring countries Poland, Latvia and Lithuania for months. At the same time, EU countries are guilty of violently reducing migrants. The letter doesnt talk about these pushbacks.



was signed by several countries at the EUs external borders, but ministers of Denmark and Austria have also scribbled. The Netherlands is not under the letter.

Immigration ministers from all Member States discussed the letter during a consultation in Luxembourg on Friday. There is divisions over the countries wish list. At the end of the summit, Commissioner Johansson announced that she is not against the construction of border fences. But EU funding is โ€œnot a good idea.โ€