European Commission asks Member States to give vaccines to Ukraine

The European Commission calls on EU countries to give coronavaccines to Ukraine. The country hasnt put a shot yet. President Zelenski is under pressure to come to Russia for the successful vaccine that this big neighbor has developed.

โ€œ I have asked our Member States to donate part of their doses to Ukraine,โ€ says committee chairman Ursula von der Leyen. โ€œOn top of Covax.โ€

Covax is the international vaccine fund for poor countries whose main contributor is the European Union. It has promised Ukraine, which has about 40 million inhabitants, 8 million doses. The first Covax vaccines are coming this month, assured Von der Leyen in a video speech for a coronaconconference in Kiev.

Ukraine has also ordered 5 million doses of Chinese CoronaVac. Furthermore, it has put 12 million doses of AstraZeneca and Novax, as the Kiev government announced last week. Together, this is not enough to give all Ukrainians the required two pricks.

Since Kiev moved away from Russia and joined the EU, relations with the neighbouring country are frosty. The West and Russia are fighting for influence in Ukraine.