European Commission takes action against Hungary to get anti-gay law

The European Commission is taking action against Hungary to stop the country from implementing an anti-LGBTI Act. It threatens a procedure that the government can bring to the European Court of Justice in Budapest. โ€œThe law is a shame,โ€ says commission chairman Ursula von der Leyen.

International outrage and pressure on the committee has increased in recent days. The Netherlands and 13 other EU countries month the European Unions daily governance Tuesday to take action against Hungary. The committee expressed its concerns about the law before, but wanted to review it more closely.

โ€œI instructed my responsible European Commissioners to write a letter to the Hungarian authorities to express our legal concerns,โ€ says Von der Leyen. โ€œBefore the law comes into force.โ€

As the law has yet to enter into force, the committee cannot proceed to criminal proceedings for countries that violate EU law. But the letter makes it clear that Hungary is overhead, says a committee spokesperson.

The new law, which prohibits, for example, schools, libraries and media from confronting young people with homosexuality and transgender persons, โ€œdiscriminates clearlyโ€, states the committee chairman. The law โ€œgoes against the fundamental values of the EU, human dignity, equality and fundamental human rights.โ€

โ€œWe will not compromise on these principles,โ€ Von der Leyen assures. โ€œSo I will use all the powers of the committee to ensure that the rights of all EU citizens are guaranteed. Whoever you are and wherever you live.โ€