European committee to decide fate of Microsoft and Bethesda deal by March 5

On January 29, Microsoft filed an application with the European Committee for approval of the 7. 5-billion-dollar deal to acquire Bethesda, which must be decided by March 5. Reuters.

It is noted that the organization may resolve the deal during the preliminary examination of the case, but if antitrust concerns arise, a full-scale could begin investigation of the process. Overall its a standard process โ€” Disney went through it when buying Fox.

Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda in September 2020, specifying that it plans to close the deal by the end of June 2020. So far, everything is on schedule.

When Bethesda becomes part of Microsoft, the latter will own dozens of iconic brands including The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Fallout and Wolfenstein, as well as more recent IP like Dishonored, The Evil Within and Prey. At the same time, the corporation does not plan to make all Bethesda games exclusive of its platforms.

Moreover, two console exclusives from Arkane and Ghostwire and Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks will be released on PlayStation 5 this year. More on Gamestop Media: MGM bought the rights to film adaptation of a book about the war for shares GameStop The courts of St.

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