European leaders angry with Hungary for anti-gay law

Almost all of them are angry with Hungary, the leaders of several European countries. They want the new anti-gay law in that country to disappear again. Last night they came together to talk about it.

Prime Minister Rutte was at the meeting too. Like many leaders, he believes Hungary should stop discriminating against gays and transgender people.

Hungary belongs to the European Union, a group of countries in Europe working together and making agreements. Many countries think Hungary is going too far now and does not do what has been agreed. Rutte says it‘s no longer possible.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister from Luxembourg shared his personal story about how he used to be discriminated against as gay. According to Rutte, many politicians were in tears when he said that.

Don’t change anything

Yet the Prime Minister of Hungary does not intend to draw any criticism. He says he‘s just up for homosexuals and isn’t going to change the law.