‘European top clubs in line for Lang this summer: Club expects record amount’

With Noa Lang and Bas Dost Club Brugge currently has a Dutch king couple. Especially the former Ajacied exceeds all expectations. The Belgian top club seems to have gold in its hands, agrees Glenn Schrader, deputy editor of Football Primeur.be, in talks with this website.

โ€œThe interaction between Dost and Lang is currently going well to very well. Dost is less involved in the game, but it does give him the opportunity to pop up like a pusher in the sixteenโ€, says Schrader. โ€œDost only expects one thing: scoring goals. With five goals in six parties, his start can also be called perfect.โ€

Even more than Dost, Lang claims the spotlight in the Jan Breydel Stadium. โ€œIt must also be fun for Lang to play football at Club Brugge. Philippe Clement gives him all the freedom and can go wherever he wants. The competition form may show Lang as left or right outside, but it can be seen almost everywhere on the pitch. Club Brugge is also very offensive every week and camped around the sixteen of the opponent. For a player like Lang that is of course fun playing football. That way, he should not think about defending and just playing football.โ€
This does not mean that the Dutch youth international is neglecting its defensive duties. โ€œIn the top match against KRC Genk, he was still the big star. Not only because of his two assists, but also the number of kilometers he made. He ran no less than twelve kilometers of that duel, which is hardly done by (flank) attackers. It also shows that Lang is well in his skin and wants to walk and fight for the team.โ€

Vanaken with the equalizer for Bruges รรฟยชรฐรฟรขรขรขรขโ€ And of course Noa Lang delivers another assist with รฐรฟหœรขรขรขรข #ZiggoSport #JupilerProLeague #CLUSTA pic.twitter.com/1NT84dy0O9
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) January 31, 2021

For a long time, in seventeen duels in the Jupiler Pro League, nine goals and six assists were already successful. Meanwhile, more and more voices are being made to give the 21-year-old attacker a chance in the Dutch national team. โ€œIn my opinion, one thing is certain: he deserves a chance,โ€ says Schrader. โ€œLong is the man in shape at Club Brugge and excelled this season not only in the Belgian competition, but also at Champions League level against opponents such as Zenit Sint-Petersburg and SS Lazio. Of course he should not get a base spot yet, but Lang is a player who can give something extra to a team. In the past – and now sometimes – Dries Mertens was a supersub with the Red Devils. I also see that role for Lang bij Oranje at the moment.โ€
Club Brugge will finally take over Lang from Ajax for six million euros after this season, which is reportedly entitled to ten percent of the added value in a future transfer. According to Schrader, it
s an understatement to call the six million a โ€œpitty.โ€ At the same time he also knows: โ€œThe story of Lang at Ajax was out, certainly under Ten Hag, and it is understandable that they let him go. No one would have expected Lang to do so well at Club Brugge. Saying that Ajax went wrong and should have asked for more than EUR 6 million is a step too far. Lang had not yet proved a lot in the Netherlands and he had set his sights on a departure. So its more good scouting of Club Brugge than a bad move by Ajax.โ€

At Blauw-Zwart they nevertheless rub themselves into the hands. Krรฉpin Diatta went to AS Monaco for twenty million euros last month, and Lang has to exceed that amount. The 25 million Wesley record transfer may also fall. โ€œThere is little doubt that Lang Club Brugge will also yield a large sum,โ€ says Schrader. โ€œHes not only a fun player to watch, his stats are also along. He also has the right nationality and also the Ajax stamp, which always yields a little more. He will now depend on the details: will he be international and excels at Oranje, how far will Club Brugge get in Europe and will he show it next season if he stays at Club Brugge?โ€
โ€œEverything seems to indicate that Lang will be the new record transfer of Club Brugge and will thus generate more than 25 million euros,โ€ continues Schrader. โ€œIt is only a question whether Club Brugge wants to sell it as well. It is the ambition of Blue-Black to hibernate in the Champions League or stunt in the Europa League with a final for example. A played Lang, who has been here for a while, can help.โ€

Assist รข… Goal รข… There is really no measure at Noa Lang รรฟยชรฐรฟร‚ร‚รขโ€ #ZiggoSport #JupilerProLeague #CLUSTA pic.twitter.com/tciwfcjpvo
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) January 31, 2021

Club usesa similar policy to Ajax by creating a mix of young talents and experienced players such as Ruud Vormer, Hans Vanaken and Simon Mignolet. โ€œBut… money talks. Club Brugge โ€” even as the richest team in Belgium โ€” is now difficult to refuse an absolute record sum. Many supporters are already afraid of a summer departure from Lang. That fear is also justified, because this summer the top foreign clubs are queuing up for him. And hes ready, too.โ€
Especially if hes physically taking some more steps. Clement recently reported that he thinks Lang is currently at 60%. โ€œNor should he let himself be hunted too quickly. This season, he was already two or three nose to nose with an opponent, for which he dares to pick a yellow card. But in all other areas he is quite a complete playerโ€, concludes Schrader.
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