Eurovision in Concert will not continue this year

Eurovision in Concert, which was to take place on 10 April in AFAS Live, is again out of place. It is for the second year in a row that the organization has to call off the event because of corona. At the same time, a date for next year has been set: 9 April 2022.

During Eurovision in Concert, fans will already be able to meet the artists participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Every year, a large part of the participant field travels to the Netherlands. Last year the event did not go on because the song festival was completely canceled.

Tickets already purchased in 2020 remain valid for the 2022 edition, but on Twitter, the first Songfestival fans express their displeasure: โ€œI‘ve been asking for a paid cancellation for twelve months. I’m not going to wait another 12 months, please come up with an arrangement.โ€

Eurovision in Concert is the biggest preview party of the Song Contest in Europe. Similar events are organised in other countries, but the annual festival in the Netherlands is the largest.