Eurovision Song Contest continues, but with strict measures

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in adapted form this year. This means, among other things, an edition on one and a half meters, with sharp corona measures in which all 41 artists can perform in Rotterdam Ahoy.

This form is one of four scenarios that the organization takes into account in relation to corona. โ€œWhether there can also be an audience present at the shows and activities in host city Rotterdam will be decided at a later timeโ€, says executive producer Sietse Bakker.

โ€œ Unfortunately, given the persistent circumstances, it is impossible to keep the event as we are used to,โ€ says organizer Martin ร–sterdahl.

According to the organization, it is possible to scale down when needed. But it is also possible to scale up to a limited extent if there is visibility towards May.

Here are the four scenarios:

After consultation between all parties, it was decided that a normal version of the Song Contest (scenario A) is โ€œunrealistic under the current circumstancesโ€. โ€œOur ambitions remain high. We will do everything we can to make it the best possible edition. The health and safety of all stakeholders are of course paramount importance in this,โ€ says Bakker.

The organisation hopes โ€œfor the positive impact of an ever larger group of vaccinees, more and more opportunities to quickly and reliably test and spring weatherโ€.

Participants can come to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is also optimistic, says festival alderman Said Kasmi. โ€œThe Song Contest in Rotterdam, live from Ahoy, is a bright spot to look forward to with each other. As a host city, we are optimistic, enthusiastic and realistic,โ€ he says. He wants to make the most of it within the possibilities that exist. โ€œLets hope that this Song Contest, which will be different from all 64 previous festivals, offers great new opportunities for partners and entrepreneurs in the city.โ€

In scenario B, all participants and their delegations can travel to Rotterdam. โ€œPersons coming from a country that may be subject to travel restrictions can enter under the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries Exceptions,โ€ says the organisation.

New opportunities to buy tickets

All available tickets for the live shows and dress rehearsals were sold out last year. Because it is not clear how much audience there will be in the room, all tickets will be returned and reimbursed. The ticket holders will then receive a voucher with which they will later have a chance to buy a new entry ticket.

The buyers then enter an online queue and then people are randomly admitted to the sale. โ€œIt is still too early to be able to estimate whether and, if so, how much audience can be present at the shows,โ€ says the organisation. A final decision on this will postpone the organisation until mid-April at the latest.

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