Eva Koreman with love in lockdown for Serious Request

The annual action 3FM Serious Request: The Lifeline looks different this year because of the coronacrisis. The DJs do not walk through the country for the third edition, but lock themselves in an airport to raise money for the Red Cross. To have to go back to lockdown in coronatijd is not a punishment for Eva Koreman, she does it with love.

โ€œ I‘m glad we can do something this year. That we can provide some connection in such a shitty year,โ€ says Eva to the ANP. โ€œSerious Request is something we’ve been looking forward to since the summer, so I‘m glad we found this form.โ€

For the action, a radio studio and three plexiglass living rooms, in which the duos live from 18 to 24 December will be built. The pairs each stay in their own room. โ€œIt is very characteristic of this time. You see each other, but you can’t hold each other.โ€

Plexiglazen house

That the DJs are locked up for Serious Request this year, reminds us of the years that radio was made from the Glass House. โ€œI have already jokingly called it the Plexiglass Houseโ€, says Eva laughing. โ€œBut we are not calling on people to come to us and put money through the mailbox, that is not possible here either.โ€

Eva isolates herself together with her radio song Frank van der Lende. Although the two are also good friends outside of their work, they have never been on each other‘s lips for so long. โ€œI’m talking to Frank about what we can do when we‘re not making a radio. For example, what kind of games are fun to do with the two of us?โ€

Together with duos Sander Hoogendoorn and Sophie Hijlkema and Rob Janssen and Wijnand Speelman they make radio 24 hours a day.

It is also planned that a treadmill is constantly running. Eva’s probably training. โ€œI‘ve been walking the whole time now. Last year I shredded my knee while I was walking, but it is now much better fortunately.โ€

Listeners are challenged to walk coronaproof and be sponsored. As always, a picture can be requested for a fee, this time to relieve caregivers during the coronacrisis. Eva provides many hopeful songs and listeners who request a song for someone else.

She would choose 6s To 9s from Big Wild and Rational. โ€œAn intense and hopeful song with a chorus that breaks open completely, in which you want to throw your hands to heaven with gratitude. It’s hysterical, well.โ€