Evacuations in Turkey, Greece and Italy for forest fires, heat persists for the time being

Italy, Greece and Turkey are still ravaged by fierce forest fires and tropical heat. In Turkey, the death toll due to the forest fires ranks at six.

The Italian fire brigades have been torn over 800 times over the past 24 hours, of which 250 times in Sicily. Around 250 rescuers try to extinguish the fire on the island. Catania airport was shut down for several hours. Dozens of coastal city residents have been evacuated after being enclosed by the fire sea.

The regional administration has asked Rome for extra help. According to the Governor of Sicily, part of the fires was lit. He proposes raising the penalties for arson.

In Italy, the fire today reached the beach in the seaside resort of Catania, and also in Greece and Turkey the fire inhabited areas reached:

According to the Turkish authorities, the lion‘s share of forest fires are under control. The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry says that ten fires, which are fought โ€œwith great dedicationโ€, are the most worried about him. Hundreds of people on the Turkish coast have been evacuated.

President Erdogan fleeed above the forest fires and thanked the emergency services for their efforts. He also committed 50 million lira (5 million euros) to provide the affected households with their first needs. Russia sends five fire-fighting planes and multiple helicopters to Turkey to support fire fighting.

The Dutch Can Turan has a holiday home in Marmaris and sees the forest fires with its own eyes:

Greece has launched a contingency plan and brought civil protection and emergency services to the highest level of preparedness. The country’s โ€œhistorical heatโ€ according to meteorologists is sure to last throughout the next week, with local temperatures up to 46 degrees. The Minister of Civil Protection has urged the Greeks not to engage in incendiary activities.

Not far from Corinth, four villages have been evacuated because they are threatened by forest fires. About a hundred firefighters are deployed to combat the fire.

In several Greek cities, air-conditioned public halls are open to spend the day. In addition, people are advised to wear thin clothes, take a regular shower and not drink alcohol. Animal welfare organizations call on people to put water bowls outside for unleashing animals.

The rest of the Balkans is also under the heat wave. In Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, the temperature remains between 35 and 43 degrees in the coming days.