Even after weekend calls and reflection, the formation remains locked.

There has not yet been a solution to the impasse that the cabinet formation is in. This is reflected in the words of the party leaders who are talking to informator Hamer today.

VVD leader Rutte said at the end of his little party that the position of the VVD hasn‘t changed last weekend. The VVD leader has โ€œcalled, thought and done all weekend,โ€ he said.

That was also the task of Hamer, who wanted the leaders of VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, PvdA and GroenLinks to think about a solution to the impasse that the formation is in.


The VVD foreman still wants to โ€œreach a four-party coalition as soon as possibleโ€. He didn’t want to talk more about the process, because he says it‘s precarious. โ€œAnd everything I say about it doesn’t helpโ€. Rutte previously expressed his preference for the continuation of the current coalition with CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie.

Just like CDA leader Hoekstra, Rutte does not want to work together in a coalition with GroenLinks and the PvdA. The leader of that last party, Lilianne Ploumen, denounded that setup after her conversation. โ€œI‘m willing to talk with GroenLinks,โ€ Ploumen said, โ€œbut two right-wing parties block that without giving reasons.โ€

According to her, VVD and CDA should reflect and they don’t have to hope that they can soak the PvdA and GroenLinks loose. โ€œThey should stop the attempts and attempts to do so.โ€

Not surprisingly, Groenlinks foreman Klaver has the same message. He thinks it‘s time for parties that can form a majority to talk. โ€œWe show our responsibility,โ€ he said. โ€œAnd that they say, we don’t even want to talk. That‘s political poverty.โ€

The stalemate that the parties have been in for months looks like this: VVD and CDA do not want with both PvdA and GroenLinks, which in turn two left-wing parties do not want without each other, D66 wants to โ€œas progressive as possibleโ€ and not with the Christian Union, and that party only wants to join as there’s really no other option anymore.

The Christian Union also points to the other parties. After his conversation with Hamer, party leader Segers said he thought it was time for the formation to be unleashed, but his party is not on the move. โ€œIn everything, it‘s clear that we don’t have to rule. We are constructive, but in the right order. We‘re in the back.โ€

Segers wants a coalition with PvdA and GroenLinks to be examined first. If that fails, the Christian Union will come into the picture. He doesn’t feel like going to negotiate with all six parties. โ€œThen you‘re going to mix the content with who with whom. I don’t see how that can take us any further.โ€


If it fails to answer the question who wants to be with whom, Hamer has other options. For example, the informator may ask Rutte and Kaag, the two election winners, to write a coalition agreement together. Or she asks the current demissionary prime minister alone. Other parties will then be able to join based on plans.

ChristenUnie Segers did not care about that option. โ€œWhat I think about that should be read in the informer‘s report. But I’m barely blocking anything.โ€