Even poorer countries start vaccinating

In the African country of Côte dIvoire, people have been vaccinated against corona for the first time. That is an important step. In poorer countries too, people must be vaccinated to eradicate the corona virus as quickly as possible.

More than 25 million people live in Côte dIvoire. The country has received 500,000 vaccines so far. Not enough for everyone, but the country can start vaccinating doctors and elderly people soon.


fact that people in poorer countries also receive vaccines is not only important for the health of the people in those countries. Its important to the whole world. If corona goes around a country for longer, new versions of the virus may arise.

The new versions can then spread again in other countries. Also, researchers will have to look again if the vaccines are working against such a new corona version.

Other countries

They also started pricking in Ghana. In the coming days, many other countries participating in the programme will also start vaccinating.