Even Yoko Taro cant remember the name Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139

Game Informer journalists couldn‘t help but ask NIer creator Yoko Taro about the non-trivial naming of the new NIer Replicant with the intriguing subtitle ver. 1. 22474487139.

As it turned out, no secret meaning behind the list of figures is not hidden. โ€œTo be fair, I didn’t want to insert numbers in the title.

I just wanted to name Nier Replicant. However, the game‘s producer Yosuke Saito was very keen to reflect that it was precisely the improved version.

That’s how I started thinking. โ€œOkay, it‘s an updated version, but I also don’t want to be talked about as a remaster.

It‘s not a second version, not a remake, and not something like version 1. 5.

Ok. Might cut down to something like 1,22″.

That was the thinking. And can I remember a series of numbers โ€” no, I can’t.

All this time, I called it the โ€œimproved version”โ€ . Nier Replicant is released on April 23 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In addition, it became known that a free addition for the game was a set of costumes yOrHa from NIer: Automata. They will be released at the same time as โ€œReplicantโ€.

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