Evening lockdown from Sunday, mouth mask duty in schools from grade six

Many sectors have to close from 5 pm to 5am from Sunday. The measure will take three weeks for the time being. According to The Hague initiates, this applies to restaurants and cafes, ‘non-essential’ shops, cinemas and theatres, museums, amusement parks, gyms and amateur sports. Schools can stay open.

Yesterday it had already become clear that these measures were discussed in the cabinet, but then sources still assumed that the new restrictions would take effect on Saturday. So it is said to be Sunday. This change was made, among other things, at the request of the mayors. They wanted more time to be able to organize the enforcement of the previous closure. Grocery stores can stay open until 8 pm.

School face mask

Pupils from grade six in primary schools and secondary school students are obliged to wear a face mask in the hallway.

The outgoing cabinet again today also consulted on the measures, including the permanent advisors, such as RIVM director Van Dissel, and with the mayors, and put the dots on the i.


aim of the measures is to slow the rapid increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations. Minister De Jonge has already said a few times that there really needs to be a turn around now. He reiterated that today. โ€œWe will have to brace ourselves again for a harsh winter,โ€ he added.

The cabinet asked the Outbreak Management Team for urgent advice on the measures on Wednesday. Tonight, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge are giving another press conference. Then more details and any other measures will be announced.