Events from the prequel about Vesemir will influence the plot of the second season of ‘The Witcher’

As part of the presentation of Netflix animated projects, the authors of a cartoon about Vesemir revealed new details of the Witcher prequel. Wolf‘s Nightmare, as previously known, will tell of the hero’s past. However, according to co-creator Lauren Schmidt Hissrick, the prequel story is also reeling in the main series.

In particular, it is Vesemir‘s actions that will affect events on the Continent during the period of The Witcher himself. Hissrick mentioned that the second season of the main series would focus on issues related to the witches themselves — the process of changing them, Geralt’s past, and the like.

Among other things, the topic of Tsiri‘s education will also be raised, so the authors decided to address a similar issue in the animated prequel, only in relation to Vesemir with Geralt. Another theme of Nightmare will be the split between witchers and sorcerers, which began as a collaboration.

Bo DeMaio, one of the story writers of the main series, is responsible for the prequel script, and was directed by Han Gwan-il (Ghetto). There is no exact premiere date yet, but it will probably be announced as part of the upcoming WitcherCon show — it will take place on July 9.

Variety’s original material mentions the project as if it was an animated series and not a full-length picture, as previously reported. The project may have decided to be redone in the production process, because it was originally due last year.

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