EverQuest is many times more popular than EverQuest 2

Daybreak, like many other online role-playing game publishers, has never shared accurate information about the financial statistics of its projects. But the other day the Enad Global 7 group of companies became the owner of Daybreak Game Company and released a presentation for investors. From it it became known that EverQuest, released in 1999, exceeds the released in 2004 EverQuest 2 by number of subscribers and active players.

In addition, it still brings more money than the second part. As it appears in the presentation, during the year to September 30, 2020 EverQuest generated $11.

5 million in profit. During that time, EverQuest 2 earned only 6.

5 million. EverQuest has 66 thousand subscribers and 82 thousand active players per month, while EverQuest 2 have these figures – 21 thousand and 20 thousand correspondently.

It is not excluded that it is popularity and EverQuest yield and is the secret to the longevity of the twenty year game. For all the time, 26 major additions were released to it, and soon the 27th, EverQuest: Claws of Veeshan, is coming out.

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