Everspace 2 authors revealed ‘ruins of the Ancients’ and starbase

Some time ago, Rockfish Games studio moved the output to early access of its space shooter Everspace 2, with developers citing Cyberpunks new release date 2077. And now, in the final update on Kickstarter, the studio thanked everyone for understanding and patience. To brighten the expectation, players were presented with the concept art of some Everspace 2 locations.

In particular, the developers showed what the ruins of the Ancients would look like, an additional high-level sector unlocked during the campaign. In addition, the studio presented the star base Prescott, a major shopping center, which players will be able to get into from the first day of early access.

In this space capital, you can buy goods, both legal and dubious origin, and find a variety of entertainment together with dangers. To make the world as alive as possible, developers created a special tool, Enemy Caster.

With it you can quickly make up groups of different opponents that will appear in the way of the player, making them unique and โ€œliveโ€. All the creators of Everspace 2 interested in the game are invited to join live streams on YouTube and Twitch, during which they will regularly hand out keys for beta testing of the game.

A demo version is also available on Steam, however it does not demonstrate the current state of the game. More on Gamerania A Brief History of Knight City.

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