Everton frees Real Madrid from Rodriguez, the top scorer of the 2014 World Cup

James Rodriguez continues his career at Everton. The 29-year-old Colombian comes over from Real Madrid, where he has been under contract for six years. In that period, however, the midfielder was also leased to Bayern Munich for two seasons.

Rodriguez played in his first year with Real Madrid and also with Bayern Munich under Carlos Ancelotti, Everton’s current trainer. The Premier League club from Liverpool is said to have paid some 22.5 million euros for him.

The 29-year-old Rodriguez came from AS Monaco to Real after the 2014 World Cup, which he finished with six goals as top scorer of the tournament. His hit against Uruguay in the eighth finals was also chosen as the best goal of the title game in Brazil.

In Spain, the offensive midfielder never quite lived up to expectations. He came to Real Madrid, which won the Champions League twice in his period and became national champion three times, to 125 matches (37 goals). At Bayern, he finished 67 matches (15 hits) and celebrated two national titles.