Everyone wants to help Grandpa K’Nex’ after theft of his Ferris wheel

Anton van der List from Breda has been robbed of his self-built Ferris wheel of almost two meters high and that gives him a lot of support. According to Omroep Brabant, several people have offered to help by mail or via social media.

‘Grandpa K’nex‘, as it is called, had built the Ferris wheel itself from thousands of pieces of K’nex toys. It was in the stairwell of his gallery apartment, but was taken by someone this weekend.

Visibly struck Van der List tells about the theft:

The grief of Van der List led to many reactions. โ€œAfter clearing up the attic, we have two boxes of K‘nex that we would like to give to Grandpa K’nex in order to make a fresh startโ€, someone responds.

โ€œ Can‘t a fundraiser be held for this so that this gentleman can make another one? We have a box for a smaller Ferris wheel and we are happy to deliver itโ€, please let a family know.

10,000 euros

To help Van der List, several donations have also started, including those of the 29-year-old Daan Jongen. โ€œI was so sorry and I wanted to do something. With a crowdfunding campaign it might be possible to raise a few hundred eurosโ€, he tells Omroep Brabant.

Boy raised 10,000 euros within a day. โ€œI think you can build a whole house of K’nex for that, I think.โ€ Boy decided to stop the action. โ€œI have contact with the family about how the money gets to Grandpa K‘nex best. He just wants his Ferris wheel back and might want to give the rest of the money to charity.โ€

Boy is surprised by the reactions and the many donations. โ€œSome people donated a hundred euros. It’s nice to see the power of social media.โ€