Everything you need to know about the coronavaccin

What happened?

Who gets the vaccine first?

Care staff from nursing homes. In addition, a number of hospitals start vaccination of care personnel.

When are young people vaccinated?

Are you over 18 years old and dont have any medical problems? Then you have to wait for your vaccine for the time being: you will probably be one of the last ones from April. The minister wants everyone over 18 to be offered a vaccine by October.

Are young people under 18 also vaccinated?

The Pfifzer vaccine is approved for people from 16 years of age, but in the Netherlands this vaccine initially only goes to healthcare workers, nursing home workers and doctors. As a result, young people from 16 years of age are not eligible for this vaccine. It is expected that the vaccines that are coming will all be approved for 18 years and older. They simply havent been tested enough for what they do in young people under 18, but they are still working on that.

According to the Ministry of Health, the virus is almost not dangerous for children under the age of 18 and therefore there is no urgent reason to vaccinate them quickly.

What exactly does the vaccine do?

The vaccine trains your immune system and ensures that you do not get sick or less. By training your immune system, your body learns to cope with the disease, allowing you to fight against the virus in case of a real infection. The vaccine is administered in two stages and must ensure that you are fully protected against the coronavirus after the second time. It is still unclear how long the vaccine will work, because more research needs to be done on this. All we know now is that the vaccine will protect you for at least three months after vaccination.

Can I infect someone even though I have been vaccinated?

The RIVM says vaccination protects against corona, but they dont know yet if someone who has been vaccinated can spread the virus. Therefore, they want to take the same measures for both vaccinated persons and for those who have not been vaccinated.

Can I still get sick if I take the vaccine?

Yeah, you can. But the vaccine that is approved first works in 95 percent of cases. So most people will not get sick again, after they have been vaccinated. Research is still being carried out to see if people who have been vaccinated can pass on the virus.

Does it make sense to get vaccinated if Ive already had corona?

Thats still unclear. It is not yet known how long the protection of the vaccine is, but also how long the protection is if you have had the disease. In general, the more exposure of virus or vaccine to your immune system, the stronger the immunity is. So a vaccination might help make you more immune if you have already had the disease.

Can we party again, cuddle and sit on the terrace after vaccination?

The short answer: no, not yet, but in the long run certainly will. For now, you just need to keep your distance and stay at home with complaints. In short, you must adhere to the rules that apply at that time. For example, because it is not yet entirely clear whether vaccinated persons can still transfer the virus to unvaccinated people.

But what good is such a vaccination? Well, the faster people get vaccinated, the fewer infections there are, and the quicker the rules can be relaxed, is the ministers promise.

What are the short-term side effects?

Side effects of the coronav vaccine are no different from those in other vaccines. If you are already experiencing it, for example, it can be a little headache or a painful sensation in the place where you were pricked. According to the club that approved the vaccine, it usually disappears after a few days.

Of the millions of people who have been vaccinated abroad, after their prick, a few of them received a rare allergic reaction, in them blood pressure dropped, or they became shortness of breath. The chance that you will get such a reaction is very, very small, but just to be sure you will be watched after the prick.

And what are the long-term consequences?

In fact, we still know little about the long-term consequences of the vaccine. Thats because the subjects in the study were only followed for two months. But according to experts, the risk of harmful long-term consequences is very small, because you would often have to see them within the first six weeks. However, they keep a close eye on whether there are reports of side effects

I heard you cant have kids after the vaccine, right?

There are a lot of theories around that the coronav vaccine could make you infertile. This is not right. According to molecular virologist Marjolein Kikkert, thistheory ever arose due to Ebola. โ€œBecause of the Ebola vaccine in Africa back then, it was once thought that vaccines can make you infertile. It is not based on anything and has never been evidence for,โ€ says Marjolein. However, RIVM is not recommended to take the vaccine if you are pregnant. This is because little is still known about possible adverse effects of the vaccine during pregnancy.

Can the government oblige me to take the vaccine?

Just to be clear: the corona vaccination is not mandatory, and the cabinet also says that this is not going to happen. But theres also something like an indirect vaccination obligation. Think of airlines, cinemas and event organizations that only let you in once you have been vaccinated. The Minister does not want this either, and he finds out if he can ban it.

How is it that there is a vaccine for a virus so quickly, when it never happened?

It normally takes years for a vaccine to come on the market. There are several stages of testing whether the vaccine works and is safe. When creating the coronavaccin, the phases are performed instead of one after the other, sometimes at the same time. As a result, the development has gone much faster than usual. In addition, the vaccines against SARS and MERS coronavirus had already been done, which are very similar to covid-19, so scientists quickly knew which substances to use for the vaccine.