EVGA will replace all RTX 3090 that broke New World game

After the recent start of the New World closed beta, owners of EVGAs GeForce RTX 3090 complained they were out of action. And now the manufacturer has promised to replace all broken graphics cards. Whats more, now the problems when playing a fresh MMORPG have become a guarantee case.

As it turns out, the fact is that the main menu doesnt have any limitations on the staffing frequency, which spilt into massive GPU overheating, as well as some driver settings. Owners were advised to limit FPS to 60 and disable โ€œMaximum Frame Rateโ€ in parameters.

Also, blogger Jason Langeven said that the owners of other graphics cards โ€” from NVIDIA to AMD โ€” faced problems. However, no confirmation has yet been found on the network.

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