Ewan McGregor was upset by doll-yodas replacement for CGI in Star Wars

Ewan McGregor revealed that he prefers the puppet version of Yoda from the prequels over the computer. During his period on “Phantom Menace”, the actor was excited to be able to play with Yoda, whom he sees alongside himself. True, when the cameras stopped, the puppet version “died” each time as it stopped controlling, which looked somewhat creepy.

In the second and third episodes, Yoda was created by graphics, and McGregor actually played one in the frame, which was no longer so enchanting. Overall, the actor has no great joy at all about working with a large number of blue and green screens that dominated the prequel venue.

So he remained so excited about the technologies that create “Mandalorza” and the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series. Thanks to them, the feeling of immersion is much stronger — including that of the actor himself.

McGregor even compared the technology to the first special effects in Hollywood when around actors revolved a stage with three scenery. The series about Obi-Wan will be released next year.

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