Ex-Ajacied just wants to play football: I dont care which club

Lerin Duarte left Heracles Almelo in 2019 to play in Greece, but the midfielder now wants nothing more than to come back to the Netherlands. The last official game of the ex-Ajacied dates back two years ago.
โ€œI prefer to stay in the Netherlands now,โ€ says Duarte in an interview with ESPN. The 31-year-old midfielder is currently training for himself, at The Association of Contract Players (VVCS), after leaving the Greek Aris FC. โ€œI need a club that dares to join me. I really dont care which club that is in the Netherlands. I just want to play football, have fun and show that I can still do it.โ€
According to Duarte, the reason for his failed adventure at Aris FC was his poor relationship with the club management. โ€œI
ve had a lot of problems with the president. Sometimes I didnt get a salary for months or I wasnt allowed to train with the group. Three years in Greece were great years, but I really didnt play much. That also made that period very difficult.โ€
In any case, Duarte hopes soon that a new club will be coming for him so that he can train with other boys again instead of alone. โ€œIt
s lonely. Youre used to just sitting at a club.โ€ Duarte started his career in the youth of Sparta. The left leg ended up playing in the Netherlands for Heracles Almelo, Ajax, sc Heerenveen and NAC.