Ex-cop Paris suspected of series of murders and rapes

A former police officer in France is suspected of a series of murders and rapes in the 80s and 90s After the 59-year-old man was called for questioning, he committed suicide near the city of Montpellier, reports Le Parisien newspaper.

In a letter, according to the newspaper, the man confessed to being the murderer and rapist who has been wanted for years. He says he didnt commit any more crimes after 1997. A DNA study should be conclusive about this.

The first victim fell in 1986 and an 11-year-old girl in Paris was raped and murdered. In 1987, a couple from Paris was killed and a 19-year-old man in 1994. The police think this is the work of the same perpetrator. The rapes were in the same period.

โ€œThe pock-valiousโ€

The perpetrator, according to witnesses, had a face full of papules and blemishes and was therefore called the pock -valled.

After years of research, an incomplete dna profile was found. As a result, several officers who worked in Paris as a suspect during that period, including the 59-year-old man. Thats why he was called for interrogation.

Its not the first time in recent years that a (former) agent appears to be a serial killer. In the United States, Joseph James DeAngelo was convicted in 2020 after confessing to commit at least thirteen murders and raping fifty women. He was known as the Golden State Killer, because his crimes took place in California.