Ex-informateur Remkes: stop public criticism of Chairman of the Chamber

Ex-informator and VVD politician Johan Remkes believes that MPs should not publicly criticize their chairman. That has to be done behind the scenes. โ€œA Chairman of Parliament should be supported in full,โ€ Remkes said in the TV show Buitenhof.

He responded to the discussion that arose last week about the role of Chairman Bergkamp during debates with hard personal attacks.

On Tuesday, in the debate on the government statement, a grim atmosphere arose as PVV leader Wilders questioned the attitude of VVD Minister Yesilgรถz because of her dual nationality and fulminated over the headscarf of D66 MP Sahla and her sister‘s terrorist past Soumaya, who would now be an advisor to the VVD. His words went too far too far. GroenLinks leader Klaver, among others, asked Bergkamp to intervene. The member Omtzigt felt that there was no point in saying something of it every time without drawing a yellow or red card.

See here how MPs ask for intervention;

Bergkamp emphasizes that she did address Wilders and that she sets standards. She wants to talk further about the coarsening during debates at a different time.


Remkes criticized the MPs’ approach last week in the TV program Buitenhof. A Chairman of Parliament needs support. โ€œYou shouldn‘t question her role in public.โ€

Remkes believes that MPs should think better about their own way of working and how to ask questions. VVD group chairman Hermans received all kinds of questions for 3.5 hours. โ€œIt was an embarrassing display. Everyone had to do their pee,โ€ says Remkes.

By the way, Bergkamp intervened more firmly at the corona debate on Thursday. She deprived the Fvd MP Van Meijeren when he called for lawlessness. Bergkamp told him that such calls are not allowed in the House of Representatives.

Look at the discussion between Van Meijeren and Bergkamp here

Remkes hopes that the debate in the House of Representatives will be conducted better. Together with Wouter Koolmees, he looked back at the formation of the Rutte IV cabinet in Buitenhof. About D66 leader Kaag’s personal attack on Rutte, at the beginning of September he was โ€œnot amused,โ€ he said. โ€œThis is a very false start,โ€ says Remkes.


fact that comments were made to the press from D66 circles about Remkes drinking has taken him โ€œfor grantedโ€, he said on a question about this. He wants to โ€œnot get a word on dirt.โ€ Remkes: โ€œIn The Hague, there is a culture of destroying each other and not quite let.โ€