ex-International Kroos also foresees end club career: Then Im 33

Toni Kroos put a point behind his international career after the EC-shutdown of Germany and seems to be definitively stopping in not too long. The Real Madrid midfielder does not rule out that he will hang all his shoes on the willow in 2023.
Kroos made his pro debut on behalf of Bayern Munich in 2007: since then he played for Bayer Leverkusen, again Der Rekordmeister and left for Real Madrid in 2014. Looks like Kroos is no longer going to make transfers. โ€œWhen is still the question, but I am absolutely sure I will end my career here,โ€ he is quoted by Marca.
The born East German is still under contract with De Koninklijke until 2023 and does not rule out his final waiver in two years. โ€œIt could well, by then I‘ll be 33, and I’ll decide before that time if I‘ll sign up.โ€
Earlier this week, Kroos played his 106th and last interland on behalf of Die Mannschaft, with whom he becomes world champion in 2014. โ€œI wanted nothing more than 109 games and take that one big prize, the European Championship, but I’
ve decided to quit after this tournament for a while now. It was already clear to me that I would not be available for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,โ€ he announced after the lost eighth final match against England.