‘Ex of Dion Graus gave incriminating material to National Detection’

The ex-wife of PVV MP Dion Graus has recently given the Rijksrecherche new information showing that Graus has incited her to have sex with his security guards for several years. This reports NRC Handelsblad, which has seen the image and sound recordings and documents.

In January 2019, Graus ex reported the forced sex, but six months later she withdrew that report again. Graus denied all allegations. But according to NRC, the audio clips now surrendered show that Graus encourages his security guards to have sex with his wife. That would have happened in hotel rooms and saunas rented by Graus and even once in his office in the House of Representatives.

One of the two security guards confirms to NRC that he had sex with Grauss then wife several times. The other denies.

Reimbursement for subsistence expenses

NRC further writes that there is also information with the Rijksrecherche that Graus is shuffling with his mortgage deductions and that he is frauding with his compensation for subsistence expenses. He would not live with his mother in Heerlen, but in his apartment in Voorburg. As a result, since taking office as a Member of parliament, he would have received 125.000 euros too much, says NRC. Graus was already in contradiction on this issue in 2019.

The prosecutors office tells NRC to carefully assess all the material. Graus does not comment in substance on the findings of NRC in a response. โ€œAs a member of parliament, I have the right to a private life and the choice to keep it private.โ€ PVV leader Wilders tells DeccEit not to respond.