Ex-wife Dr. Dre: he held a gun to my head

Nicole Young, the woman who has been divorcing her ex-husband Dr. Dre for months, has announced that the music producer mistreated and threatened her in 2000 and 2001. Dre would have held a gun to Nicole‘s head, punched her in the face several times and kicked through a door. This would be evidenced by documents received by Entertainment Tonight.

Dr. Dre has always denied that he would have abused Nicole, something she in turn calls โ€œoutright lies.โ€ According to her, Dre was both verbally and physically aggressive, which caused her to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome to this day.

Nicole says she never dared to call the police because she was terrified of her husband. โ€œI spent years in fear, because he controlled and mistreated me. And now I want him to pay, just like he did when we were married.โ€ Nicole is demanding alimony of 1.8 million euros a month, something Dre goes way too far. But given his weakened physical condition, the producer now has no time for ‘hassle‘ and he agrees to Nicole’s demands for the time being.

Dr. Dre was hospitalized last week after he had a cerebral hemorrhage. Although the producer makes up for circumstances, the doctors have to take it easy. He still resides in the intensive care unit, pending several examinations he has to undergo.