Examination vmbo needs to be slimmed down

The upcoming central exam for vmbo students should be slimmed down’. This should give students more time to really learn the skills for the work they hope to do, for example in construction. Due to the measures taken as a result of the corona crisis, they have now had far too few practical lessons. That is what Paul Rosenmöller, chairman of the VO Council, said on Radio 1.

The exam is enormously time-consuming and by downsizing, more practical lessons could be given, said Rosenmöller. He thinks that skills can also be tested in other ways and that examiners should be able to be more flexible in order to judge.

The backlog, he said, is very difficult to make up, not least because the exam is already in the spring. The exam should be less of an end in itself, according to Rosenmöller. The most important thing is that students are given skills with which they can progress to MBO.

In the AD, the Stichting Platforms Vmbo (SPV) argues in favour of cancelling exams.