Exams relaxed further: delete course is also allowed this year

Pupils who take final exams this year may, just like last year, delete a course. Minister Wiersma for Primary and Secondary Education announced that.

Previously, the cabinet had already informed that final exam candidates can do an additional retake this school year if necessary. It was also announced that there will be another opportunity to spread the exams over two periods. This gives students more preparation time.

Although schools are dealing with fewer lockdown measures this year than the previous year, yet pupils do not have normal school time, the cabinet sees. Because, for example, students had to quarantine and sometimes entire classes had to stay home temporarily. In addition, the pupils who take final exams this year in the previous years have also suffered from lockdown measures.

Spicy trail

Wiersma speaks of a โ€œspicy courseโ€ that students have completed and have yet to complete. He attended Edith Stein College in The Hague this afternoon and spoke with students. They are very happy with the decision. โ€œI have a lot of tension,โ€ said 6-VWO student Esra Kaya. She wants to study medicine. โ€œThis decision by the cabinet removes a lot of stress. And it gives me a push in motivation.โ€

Her fellow student Ahmed Salem explains that it wasnt easy with all homeschooling. He says he has suffered backlogs anyway. โ€œI still get harder things at home. Motivation is also sometimes more difficult.โ€ Havo student Seren Ozalp has seen her grades drop considerably since the lockdown. โ€œWhere I used to get an 8, that is now often a 6.โ€

Choose for yourself

The stripping box should not be a core subject, so no Dutch in VMBO or that subject and English and mathematics for the other levels. But if another subject of the package is insufficient and a student will drop as a result, the student can choose to expire the subject. Minister Wiersma does not hope that students will need it en masse, but it is possible, if necessary.

The final mark of the striated box does not count in determining the result, but remains visible on the gradebook. As a result, these students can continue to further education.

The first time period for the exams is from 12 to 30 May. The second runs from 13 to 25 June. Students can choose whether to take all their exams in the first period, or if they move part to the second period.

In addition, there will be a third period, during which the rechances can be done. It runs from 5 to 8 July.