Excelsior makes striking move and appoints new technical director

Excelsior has the successor to the departed technical director Nick Kersten in house. The Kralingers filled the vacancy in the person of Niels van Duinen. Van Duinen is the brother of former Excelsior player Mike van Duinen.
Van Duinen‘s appointment as technical director is striking, as it is his first job at a professional football organization. Previously, he worked as an agent at Key United. Van Duinen can go directly to work at Excelsior. With Mats Wieffer (Feyenoord), the first pillar of the club’s promotion season has left, while top scorer Thijs Dallinga (Toulouse) and Reuven Niemeijer (Brescia) are about to leave Exelsior.
Van Duinen was tasked with getting an Eredivision-worthy team on its feet before the start of the competition. Earlier this week, it was announced that the roads of Excelsior and Kersten were separating. โ€œUnfortunately, a situation arose that was not desirable, so it was up to us to intervene,โ€ General Manager Daan Bovenberg told the Algemeen Dagblad.