Excelsior on Roda party: ‘As if they had won the Champions League’

Not only the players of Excelsior, but also trainer Marinus Dijkhuizen, has been amazed by the attitude of opponent Roda JC. After the Limburgers made up for a 2-0 deficit in the upper duel, the party was at the exit, but Excelsior won in the return after overtime.

Dijkhuizen had shown the images to his players again in the run-up to the return. “Boys said it in the locker room, Niemeijer (Reuven, ed.) said: it looked like they had won the Champions League. So I asked those images, where they were partying, taking a photo with all of them, just as if they had won. So that was the trigger at the end of the discussion and sounds like it helped…”, said the trainer to ESPN.
During the competition, the proportions were also on edge. Dijkhuizen and fellow trainer Jurgen Streppel were looking for the confrontation. “Of course, I also played with NAC against Willem II (in 2016, ed.) that final against him. I didnt like this, that with that hand gesturing, I found a bit arrogant. But I have to say: after the game he comes to congratulate me, the players too, I have respect for that.”