Exceptionally warm night by ‘blanket of clouds

It was an extremely warm night. Throughout the country it remained far above 20 degrees and that is very rare, says meteorologist Wilfred Janssen of Weerplaza.

The peak was the south of Limburg, where it did not get cooler than 24.6 degrees. And that while the national heat wave has been a few days behind us. The cause of the ‘sticky night’ was the clouds that appeared at the hottest moment yesterday.

“The clouds functioned like a blanket”, says Janssen. “The heat close to the earth’s surface couldn’t get away because of this. It wasn’t until this morning that an area with rain moved over the east of the country and became a little less warm.”

No official record

It was thus possibly the warmest night ever measured, which would amount to a record high minimum temperature, but it does not go on the books as such. That’s because KNMI records temperatures in blocks of 24 hours. Because tonight’s temperature will be lower than last night’s, it is regarded as the minimum temperature and last night’s temperature is not a record.

The highest minimum temperature measured on a day was that of 27 July 2018. It did not get colder than 24.4 degrees in Deelen in Gelderland at that time

For the time being no warm nights

There is good news for those who prefer not to lie between clammy rags at night: the coming days and nights will be significantly cooler.

Tomorrow during the day it may still be 25 degrees along the border with Germany, says Janssen. It is very likely that this will be the last day of the local heat wave, which will then last nineteen days.