Exclusive: US Ambassador David Fischer leaves his post on 19 January

In Morocco since January 2020, the US ambassador in Rabat is due to leave his post on 19 January 2021 with the arrival of Joe Bidens new US administration, CCEit learns Wednesday.

On the eve of the installation of the new administration, future President Joe Biden did not derogate from tradition and has already begun a whole series of appointments to head several important agencies, including the appointment of a new CIA boss in the person of former diplomat William Burns.

The US diplomatic corps abroad does not escape this rule of any new White House tenant. Thus all diplomats appointed by President Donald Trump will be replaced by his successor.

Ambassador David T. Fischer was sworn in as Ambassador of the United States to the Kingdom of Morocco on January 16, 2020, and arrived in Morocco on January 21, 2020.

According to a source close to the US diplomat at CCEIT, Ambassador and his wife Jennifer Fischer โ€œare deeply saddened to leave Morocco, a country to which they have attached themselvesโ€.

โ€œOn January 19, they wont leave very far. They will return to Morocco. Mr. Fischer was seduced by Dakhla and his wife loves Marrakech very much,โ€ said the same source.

During the visit of the future premises of the US Consulate in Dakhla with Under-Secretary of State David Schenker on January 10, 2021, Mr. Fisher, obviously in a good mood, suggested that all American diplomacy in Morocco move to Dakhla and Laayoune, which he had also visited for the first time on Saturday, January 9.

Very proud to be the first ambassador of the United States to make an official trip to the two southern Moroccan provinces, he asked his guests if he could buy a second home there.

David Fischer had presented, the map of Morocco, including the southern provinces, which was officially adopted by the US government.

โ€œI am delighted to present the map of the Kingdom of Morocco officially adopted by the US government,โ€ Fischer said at a press briefing held in the wake of the historic decision of the United States to recognize Moroccos full sovereignty over its Sahara.

Ambassador Fischer is a renowned corporate leader and philanthropist. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the College for Creative Studies and has led a fundraising campaign for the College.