Expanded version of Horizon Forbidden West is asked 6199 rubles

Sony has announced the launch of pre-orders for a sequel to Horizon with the subtitle Forbidden West โ€” the project will be released on February 18 on PS4 and PS5. Prices: PS4 โ€” 4999 rubles PS5 โ€” 5499 rubles Digital Expanded PS4 and PS5 Edition โ€” 6199 rubles. The extended edition includes a soundtrack, album, comic, several elite items, a figure for โ€œSkimming Machinesโ€, a game set of resources, and photo mode power-ups.

Today, it was also revealed that the next PlayStation presentation will be held on 9 September โ€” it promises to show upcoming PS5 projects. More on โ€œRockโ€ vs.

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