‘Expect Van Wermeskerken to provide an influx of PEC fans: vain hope’

The Zwolle restaurant Sushi Roku, owned by entrepreneur Shinya Nabae and PEC Zwolle-back Sai van Wermeskerken, has gone bankrupt. Both business partners were unsuccessfully hoping for an influx of football fans.
At the end of 2021, the problems came to light. The newly opened restaurant had to close its doors again, employees were still waiting for arrears and a contractor demanded around forty thousand euros back. In the meantime, Van Wermeskerken has left the project and bankruptcy is a fact.
The Stentor knows that a crowdfunding platform โ€” which no fewer than 134 investors had entered โ€” now wants to claim back ninety thousand euros. Nabae hoped that the presence of Van Wermeskerken would provide additional business. โ€œIt was expected that his involvement would lead to an influx of customers from the football club‘s supporters. However, this turned out to be vain hope and the expected results were never achieved, he explains, through the trustee, the disappointing turnover and the resulting payment problems.
Van Wermeskerken โ€” formerly playing for FC Dordrecht and SC Cambuur โ€” has now started his fourth season at PEC. Due to a serious knee injury, he missed much of the previous season.