Exploring the new web version of PS Store โ€” features, appearance, disadvantages

Sony is gradually giving access to the new web version of the PlayStation Store, so many can now appreciate the updated store for computers (it will be launched on smartphones at the end of the month). It should be noted that part of the functions are still being implemented or refined. It is reported that in the last day the principle of work of the basket has changed, so up to 26, when the shop should be fully launched, much can be corrected and improved.

But now you can look at the new interface (instruction), although we advise you to wait for a full launch. There are four tabs on the main page of the store: โ€œNoveltyโ€, โ€œCollectionโ€, โ€œOffersโ€ and โ€œSubscriptionsโ€.

There is a big banner โ€” now there is FIFA 21. Below are other important blocks.

Now there‘s a sale in honor of โ€œHalloween,โ€ upcoming novelties like Watch Dogs: Legion and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as well as a PlayStation 5 game tab. There you can find a new video editor console โ€” Share Factory Studio.

Follow the sections โ€œNew productsโ€ with fresh releases and โ€œSoon on saleโ€ with pre-orders. page is the tab โ€œMoreโ€ โ€” there are sections โ€œAll games for PS4โ€, โ€œOffersโ€ (discounts), โ€œAdd-onsโ€, โ€œFree to Playโ€ (shareware games), โ€œVRโ€ and โ€œPS Plusโ€.

Such a tab is at the end of all the big sections. The pages of the games themselves have also been transformed: now there is much more convenient to learn about different features such as the PS Plus requirement, multiplayer, microtransactions, improvements for PS4 Pro and whatnot.

Now many pages are still clearly in the works, but DOOM Eternal seems to have most of the data on the first screen already filled. Next is the list of publications.

In the case of DOOM Eternal, some of the data is already filled, while novelties like Watch Dogs: Legion or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fields are empty for now โ€” just a list of different versions of games without Specifics. If the game is subject to a discount, it is also indicated.

Looks comfortable enough. Next is the description of the game.

And at the end there is a platform, release date, publisher, genre and list of languages (sound and text), as well as other important information such as the terms of use and now information about backward compatibility with PlayStation 5. In general, it looks much more concise and thoughtful than the current version of the store, where everything seems to be put in one pile.

It is worth noting that now on the page of the new PS Store there are no screenshots and clips of the game, no client size is specified, and no add-ons are attached โ€” they have to be searched separately. Most likely, all this will be added to number 26.

Six editions of Watch Dogs: Legion have no description, so you can only find out about their composition when searching online. In addition, on the page it is not reported that for purchase of the game on PS4 versionfor PS5 will give free.

On the page Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it is already reported about the upgrade. The sections of โ€œCollectionsโ€ and โ€œOffersโ€ largely repeat other tabs, so we will not focus on them and move to โ€œSubscriptionsโ€.

PS Plus (โ€œGames of the Monthโ€ and โ€œDiscounts for PS Plusโ€) and EA Play (Game Library and Trial versions) are available there. Screenshots below are taken with a changed scale to accommodate all the information.

PS Plusea PlayAt the end note that the new search has become much better with the context: if you enter The Last of Us it will give similar requests, although the game itself will not find on the first page of the search. When entering the Russian name โ€œOne of Usโ€ there is no problem.

But Ghost of Tsushima managed to find, although in Russia the game is called โ€œGhost of Tsushimaโ€. Surely search algorithms for a full run will continue to improve.

The full launch of the new PS Store on the web is due to take place on October 26, and the mobile version will follow in a couple of days โ€” on the number 28. More on CCeit Released trailer for the first Egyptian Netflix series โ€œParanormalโ€ Number of subscribers to HBO Max reached nearly 30 million people Kojima Productions confirmed, that her new project is in development.